Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, so our own economy is in the toilet. Don't get me wrong, President Obama will save us (Hallelujah! America's dumbest didn't decide this election). Anyways, here I thought the Brits were way worse off than us (I mean come on Land Rovers look top heavy as shit, and as much as I love it, the Harry Potter franchise can't be racking in that much... oh, I guess they have Elton John too...) Anyways, I thought the last thing we had to worry about was trouble from across the pond, little did I know, some c*ck s#cker from a London based investment group is trying to make up for his own short comings by stealing the Sears Tower.

Now in my short time here on Earth, I have seen Frango Mints sent to the cheese state, Marshall Fields taken over by macy's (Eww), and my own White Sox sell the name of their new stadium to U.S. cellular (and any cubs fans about to crack a smile, ur stadium has been named after a company for many more years, your probably just to dumb to realize it, so stop trying to ridicule people when your drunk off one beer at the bar). So here I was thinking the rest of the city's great landmarks would be safe at least through this recession, and this happens. Yes the Sears Tower is already named after a company (Sears) but hey, it's the name we know and love.

So I leave you with this, either let the new tenets know how you feel about them ( or at least stick to calling the building by the name of the first rich b@st@rd who rented the place.


  1. Really? You're going to get riled over this? I understand your passion, but come on! Nothing is sacred anymore, nothing! Buildings used to be named for memorable things or people, they had meaning, just look around your campus in a cornfield (literally! OSU is built on the Neil Farm (Neil Ave anyone??)). The new buildings on campus are named after the top bidder- Scott Lab, named after the engineer who gave them the money for it. Conference rooms, auditoriums, whole buildings are named after who gives the most *monetary* contribution, not academic, such as Townshed, Sullivant, Mendenhall and Orton. F*uck tradition, we just want the money- that seems to be what the 21st century will be about, not true lasting legacies.

  2. That may be true, but my point was that the name shouldn't be changed with each new lease agreement. After all, Sears was the name of the first company to leased the building. It's not that Im opposed to naming building after those who payed for them to be built (Page Hall after all, is named after a guy who donated all his money to OSU for no apparent reason). I just think that the new owners shouldn't get to replace the building's name as they do the carpet.

  3. So angry! Yes this is upsetting, but I am more concerned about your usage of "your" when you clearly mean "you're". I'm just saying...