Thursday, March 12, 2009

Build it Dammit!

Ok, so this is an artist rendering of the Chicago Eco-Bridge. It is a design created by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill's Architecture firm. I came across it while I was on a "green" kick this afternoon at work. It looks awesome, it's green, it could be a great capstone for our Olympic bid, and it's inspired by the Burnham's 1909 plan for Chicago.

Anyways, why do we not see construction crews slowly waddling around past the Adler Planetarium?
Well... it'll cost 1 Billion dollars... and there aren't any financiers lined up yet. 

But this is immaterial. I mean come on look at this...

 This is right up the Mayor's ally. It's is big, showy, and green. It generates wind power and is built using a waste product of steel production which will be none harmful to local lake marine life (what there is of it). 

So hey, Stimulus money is on the way, this can create good paying construction jobs, not to mention the tourist revenue. Plus when I quit smoking, I might even use its jogging path.  

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  1. I'm lost- what's an eco-bridge, and how's it generate energy? I don't get the point of it, other than it looks cool? Which Cbus is so incapable of, sweet Jesus, we've been 'trying' to build a light rail system since I was a little girl.