Monday, March 16, 2009

Fuck It!

Hey Everybody,

So, it is finals week here at OSU. As such, I just wanted to spend a minute and give everyone some heart felt advise. FUCK IT. For all those out there who are fretting over finals, STOP! Finals are simply a review, a check of what you have learned the past ten weeks. So, as long as you've been awake for the last ten weeks, review you notes and take your test. There is no need to worry, it is only counterproductive.

For those of you who haven't been awake... your probably screwed. Time to freak out... but good luck anyways.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, so our own economy is in the toilet. Don't get me wrong, President Obama will save us (Hallelujah! America's dumbest didn't decide this election). Anyways, here I thought the Brits were way worse off than us (I mean come on Land Rovers look top heavy as shit, and as much as I love it, the Harry Potter franchise can't be racking in that much... oh, I guess they have Elton John too...) Anyways, I thought the last thing we had to worry about was trouble from across the pond, little did I know, some c*ck s#cker from a London based investment group is trying to make up for his own short comings by stealing the Sears Tower.

Now in my short time here on Earth, I have seen Frango Mints sent to the cheese state, Marshall Fields taken over by macy's (Eww), and my own White Sox sell the name of their new stadium to U.S. cellular (and any cubs fans about to crack a smile, ur stadium has been named after a company for many more years, your probably just to dumb to realize it, so stop trying to ridicule people when your drunk off one beer at the bar). So here I was thinking the rest of the city's great landmarks would be safe at least through this recession, and this happens. Yes the Sears Tower is already named after a company (Sears) but hey, it's the name we know and love.

So I leave you with this, either let the new tenets know how you feel about them ( or at least stick to calling the building by the name of the first rich b@st@rd who rented the place.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Build it Dammit!

Ok, so this is an artist rendering of the Chicago Eco-Bridge. It is a design created by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill's Architecture firm. I came across it while I was on a "green" kick this afternoon at work. It looks awesome, it's green, it could be a great capstone for our Olympic bid, and it's inspired by the Burnham's 1909 plan for Chicago.

Anyways, why do we not see construction crews slowly waddling around past the Adler Planetarium?
Well... it'll cost 1 Billion dollars... and there aren't any financiers lined up yet. 

But this is immaterial. I mean come on look at this...

 This is right up the Mayor's ally. It's is big, showy, and green. It generates wind power and is built using a waste product of steel production which will be none harmful to local lake marine life (what there is of it). 

So hey, Stimulus money is on the way, this can create good paying construction jobs, not to mention the tourist revenue. Plus when I quit smoking, I might even use its jogging path.