Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Fucking Day Ever

Hi All, I am in Geneva (actually this is day 7).

However, today was the greatest day ever! In case you all are not following the news all that closely, here at the UN, UNHCR is hosting EXCOM (the 60th Executive Committee). This pertains to me in the following ways....

My day started at an amazing side session on alternatives to detention of improperly documented immigrants (see notes on

This was followed by EXCOM!

Following the day's agenda, I attended a very suave reception hosted by the US Delegation in the Delegate Restaurant. I chatted with the Vatican's representative about his family in Chicago! Of course the day was not complete without hearing from Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz (I stood besides UNHCR High Commissioner Antonio Guterres while he spoke). Then Commissioner Guterres mentioned World Refugee Day in CHICAGO and we laughed about his not being able to root for the Chi Olympics because he was from Portugal and he is torn by our competition, Madrid and Rio (oh how we laughed :).

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen Life is Wonderful!

By the By, quick tip, the view from the Delegate Restaurant here at the UN is probably the greatest in Geneva :)

Thanks Mommy

Hey All,

(I have a real post in a second) I wanted to write this even though it will probably never be read by the one it is dedicated to.

I just have to say thank you to my mom.

No matter what, the opportunities I have are entirely the result of her (and not just monetarily Steve!)

Mom, you are my inspiration, my mentor, and my friend.

Thank you and I love you.